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Fields Closed
by posted 03/18/2018

In case you haven’t received word from your coach yet.  All Dighton-Rehoboth Youth Lacrosse practices from 3/19-3/23 are cancelled due to field conditions.  We will try again next week.

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Girls Youth Lacrosse FAQ
by posted 02/06/2018

Girls Youth Lacrosse FAQ


My daughter has never played before and I don’t know anything about lacrosse.  Should my daughter still play?

Absolutely!  The purpose of this league is to introduce a new and FUN sport to the towns of Dighton and Rehoboth.  There is no pressure to be the best in this league.  Some girls will know how to play, some will not.  The coaches are there to make sure everyone is having fun and learning at the same time.

I hear there are going to be practices.  When and where will they be held?

At this time, the “when” is difficult to say.  We are still in the process of finding coaches and then determining their availability.  What we can say is that practices would be scheduled after 5pm and NEVER on Fridays.  Practices will be held on the Tidal Wave fields located at 32 Brook St. in Rehoboth.

How much is the cost?

MBGLL (the league we will play in) requires all players and coaches to be a member of US Lacrosse.  This fee for players is $30. This fee incorporates an insurance coverage through US Lacrosse.  Registration for the Dighton Rehoboth Youth Lacrosse program is $140.  Additionally, the cost for a jersey will roughly be $50 (we are in the process of finalizing this and trying to keep this cost as low as we can.  It will be good to use for multiple seasons).

What equipment is necessary for my daughter?

The nice thing about girls lacrosse is that there is very little equipment needed, therefore, very little cost.  The items needed are a lacrosse stick, ASTM approved goggles and a mouth piece.  Cleats are also required, but you do NOT have to go out and buy special lacrosse cleats.  Soccer cleats are a perfect substitute.  Metal spikes are prohibited.

When are games played?

Although the schedule has not been released yet, games are pre-determined to be played on Sundays.  The first game begins at 12 noon (to allow travel time to other towns).  Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the player and her family. Travel may be required to one of the Islands depending upon schedule.  Reimbursement is available for this trip. 

I would like to volunteer to be a coach/assistant.  Who should I contact?

Please send an email to the director of girls youth lacrosse, Sean Boisvert, at the following email address:

How do I sign up my daughter to play?

Please go to the following site http://dryouthlacrosse.com/Registration/ and be sure to scroll down to the spring section for girls and select the appropriate age bracket.


Any additional questions can be directed to Sean Boisvert @ drgirlslax@gmail.com or visit dryouthlacrosse.com

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