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Rental Equipment
by posted 06/18/2018

Thank you for a very successful first season of DR Youth Lacrosse.  For those of you who have rented equipment, we will be cashing deposit checks on July 1 if you have not returned the equipment by then.  As such, we have a few options


1. If you would like to return the gear, I will be at the field from 5:15-6:00 on this Thursday 6/21 and will have your checks for you. 


2. If you would like to buy your equipment, please let us know.  


3. If you want to use your equipment for the summer camp, please let us know, I believe we will need a new deposit check (banks won't let us cash checks older than 3 months).


This equipment was given to us by US Lacrosse for the purpose of growing the sport of Lacrosse.  We are happy to see it used in any capacity, so if you don't plan on using it, please return it so we can give another child a chance to play this sport.

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