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Fall Ball and Winter Lacrosse
by posted 09/05/2018

DR Youth Lacrosse - Fall and Winter Programs 


DR Youth Lacrosse will once again be working with our partners at ForeKicks in Taunton for both Fall and Winter Lacrosse. 

First up is Fall Ball Lacrosse that will begin on 9/17/2018 for both boys and girls.  Fall Ball will run every Monday night starting 9/17/2018, 9/24/18, 10/01/18, 10/08/18, 10/15/18, 10/22/18 and 10/29/18.  All Fall Ball nights will consist of a 1/2 hours of skill sessions and 1/2 hour games.  Both Boys and Girls will play on Monday nights through the fall.

  -Boys ages 7-10 will play from 6pm-7pm, on the outdoor field (Field 14 or 15)

  -Boys 11-15 will play from 7pm-8pm, on the outdoor field (Field 14 or 15)

  -Girls ages K-15 will play from 6pm-7pm and be divided by age group on the outdoor field (Field 12 or 13).   

To register:

1. Click HERE to go to Forekicks Taunton's Website

2. Main Page Click Login/Account (second Green Bar Down on Left)

3. Either Login to your account or create one

4. From there Click Camps/Clinics on the left (8th Option Down)

5. Scroll down until you see lacrosse and select Fall Ball and your age group for 9/17

6. Upon Registering where it says "referral" Please Enter DR Youth Lacrosse.

7. Upon completion you will be registered for Fall Ball


Next up is Winter Lacrosse.  We have made some adjustments to our winter program this year. We will be playing at Taunton ForeKicks again but we will be running our own Clinic and Box Lacrosse.  DR Youth Lacrosse has reserved time every Wednesday starting 11/9/18 and running through March for indoor lacrosse.  We will post the registration process on our website later this fall.  All Winter Sessions will consist of 16 weeks (Winter Session1, 8 Weeks, Winter Session 2, 8 weeks).

  -The boys will play Box Lacrosse in the boarded field.  We feel the close quarter play will rapidly enhance the skills of all players for the outdoor game.  We will run 1/2 hour of skill indoor box work and then 1/2 hour of indoor box games.  This will be open to all ages in Grades 1 thru 9.  Games will be divided by age group. 

  -The girls will play a similar format but on the unboarded indoor fields playing 1/2 hour of skill session and 1/2 of games.  There will be lots of touches for the girls on the smaller indoor fields. This will be open to all girls in grades 1-8.    

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Dighton Rehoboth Youth Lacrosse

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